Promotion of the Book,
Ending School Shootings

In the News (March 2018): The Prevention of School Shootings in America: What is Mysteriously Missing from the Dialogue and which could Change Things Dramatically


The book, Ending School Shootings was published in August 2015. It is a multi-year effort since a school shooting in Centennial, Colorado on December 13, 2013. If one tragedy can inspire a nation in advocacy, then we can move our nation to a place of decreasing, in fact ending school shootings in America.

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Proceeds for the Book

Regarding book sales, portions of proceeds are being donated to the following two charities:

  • The Arapahoe High School Community Fund, in honor of Claire Davis, and the
  • Michigan Alma G. Stallworth Scholarship Foundation Fund.

Arapahoe H.S. Community Fund
Alma G. Stallworth Foundation Fund


Reach In
  • What it means to Reach In
  • Understanding FBI Warning signs for school shootings
  • Developing an Effective threat assessment program

Reach Out
  • What it means to Reach Out
  • Understanding two effective models that work
  • Developing advocacy-based approaches
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