Be a Sponsor

There are a couple ways to be a sponsor to help work in student engagement.
Half Board Purchase a single copy for a District Superintendent. (For multiple districts, contact me by email.)
Full Board Purchase wholesale copies for each Principal in a District and for the Superintendent. (Contact me by email.)

Other Sponsorship

There are a few larger hopes for this book.

(1) Give a free copy to each Principal and Superintendent for the whole state of Colorado. At about 1,800 copies, this is about $9,300, including shipping.
(2) Sponsor a school shooting survivor who is interested in getting a PhD in forensic psychology to help prevent school shootings.
(3) Be a sponsor of the principals and superintendents in a County in your state to help them get free copies of the book with training.


Reach In
  • What it means to Reach In
  • Understanding FBI Warning signs for school shootings
  • Developing an Effective threat assessment program

Reach Out
  • What it means to Reach Out
  • Understanding two effective models that work
  • Developing advocacy-based approaches
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