Mass. House Bill 399

Massachusetts, through State Representative Paul Heroux (D-Attleboro) is the first in the United States to consider a Strengths-Based Bullying Prevention Pilot. If passed, this pilot aims to test the intervention of using a relationship manager in each school. More description on the potential pilot can be found on the website of the Massachusett's Legislature:

MA Strengths-Based Bullying Prevention Pilot

Support and Consideration of Different States

If you want to either write a letter of support for this bill or possibly craft a similar bill in your state, please contact me at:

Two aims of the bill are:

  • Tested Solutions - we need solutions for school shootings, not just more talk. Ending School Shootings, the book, present ten areas that frame this discussion and its solutions
  • Nationally Recognized Evidence Base - it is not enough to have a pilot study or studies. Research needs to be conducted with efficacy aimed for the National Registry of Evidence-Based Practices.


Reach In
  • What it means to Reach In
  • Understanding FBI Warning signs for school shootings
  • Developing an Effective threat assessment program

Reach Out
  • What it means to Reach Out
  • Understanding two effective models that work
  • Developing advocacy-based approaches
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