After we look at the health of our schools and district sytems, we have to reach out to the school community of students and families. This involves conducted robust threat assessments of any individuals who show any of the 15 FBI warning signs, and the FBI has made an excellent discussion guide to help with this:

The FBI Threat Assessment Prodedure

Model Agency Approaches

In order to implement a nationwide solution to school shootings, we really need to consider other models in the U.S. that have a high rate of effectiveness. Consider two federal agencies:

  • The Secret Service - provides a plethora of information on understanding school shootings; also has an excellent track record in keeping president's safe.
  • The Transportation Security Agency - this is our country's safeguard for anyone who flies. We always hear about flying the friendly skies in America, and have a great track record in recent years..

Our nation's schools could see a similar level of effectiveness in thwarting untoward events of school violence in America. It takes our voice and it will take the Federal government gearing up to support our schools in this effort. More on that is in the book.


Reach In
  • What it means to Reach In
  • Understanding FBI Warning signs for school shootings
  • Developing an Effective threat assessment program

Reach Out
  • What it means to Reach Out
  • Understanding two effective models that work
  • Developing advocacy-based approaches
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